It all begins with a thought.

If we never change negative thinking, we will never change negative behavior.

Larry Lloyd, Founder of ACCI

40+ years of Cognitive Lifeskills experience

ACCI (American Community Corrections Institute) is an international evidence-based provider of cognitive life skills courses and programs. Our unique blend of curriculum includes cognitive restructuring, self-directed learning and a narrative approach which helps individuals overcome their self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.

43 years
of industry experience

75 courses
effective, research-driven

courses completed annually

evidence-based reports and research studies

We equip schools and districts with a cognitive/behavior intervention curriculum and platform.

A leader for reducing recidivism rates.

Our Technology

Lifeskills Link™

Lifeskills Link is a robust and user friendly web-based referral system which allows referring professionals ( or which allows correctional and educational professionals) to assign individuals to complete one of our cognitive life skills courses. This is the tool that behavioral change professionals have been waiting for.

Online Lifeskills™

Online Lifeskills is our integrated LMS (Learning Management System). Agencies can choose to have a custom portal and run courses and programs locally or they can refer students to us.


  • Trevor Lloyd, MS
    Trevor Lloyd, MS President
  • Angeline Lloyd, MA LMFT
    Angeline Lloyd, MA LMFT VP, Clinical Advisor
  • Nephi Sanchez
    Nephi Sanchez eLearning Architect
  • Derrin Hill, MBA
    Derrin Hill, MBA VP Sales
  • Richard Long
    Richard Long Partnership Manager