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WELCOME to our web site and catalog of life skills curriculum for both offenders and non offenders. We are one of the oldest community corrections organizations in the nation conducting cognitive life skills classes and producing cognitive restructuring curriculum. We are a research-driven, evidence-based organization. We have a wide range of government and private providers using our workbooks both nationally and internationally. As a central part of our life skills curriculum, we have developed workbooks for adults and youth in both group and home study formats. Workbooks are in English and Spanish for criminals and non-criminals. See evidence-based research. See non-criminal.

Our 30-Year Track Record

Over the years, the American Community Corrections Institute has trained and worked with hundreds of talented instructors. We have pioneered and introduced many innovative group techniques. We were one of the first to introduce cognitive restructuring into our programs. From cover to cover, ACCI's workbooks bring new, unique and fresh material to an old stale traditional counseling field. ACCI uses true-to-life historical non-fiction, some written as love stories, and other techniques to access the right brain, enhance learning and bring life to the material.

Proven Effectiveness

Today, because of new science and techniques, our current workbooks are three to four times more effective than our early life skills workbooks. While most life skills providers are still rooted in the old methods of the 1970s and 80s, we have embraced the new psychological systems that have proven to change faulty thinking errors and overcome self defeating behaviors. Given our evidence-based research, we can guarantee that our cognitive restructuring materials can drastically reduce your current recidivism rate.

You Have Options

Our Training Kit and workbooks are user friendly and self directed so you have several options. You can conduct the programs yourself, ask us to come to your location to conduct classes, or refer your clients to our national home study program. However, we find it always works best when you conduct your own in-house counseling programs.


The benefits are enormous.

  • Using proven curriculum assures your clients are receiving the best possible opportunity to make lasting changes in their lives.
  • As the provider you will have the satisfaction of seeing your clients change.
  • It will make your job easier and more rewarding as you maximize your time and efforts. ACCI's workbooks are a win/win for everyone.
  • We currently have 20 different workbooks that cover a wide range of human behavior issues. All are based on proven evidence-based models.


We guarantee all our workbooks, and will even pay return postage if for any reason they are returned. We also promise that our workbooks are the best in the world, three to four times more effective than anything you are currently using. They can do what we say they can do. You will be amazed at the results the very first time you use our materials.

Larry Lloyd



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