Why Does ACCI Use a Self-Directed Learning Approach?

Some experts have argued that all learning is self-directed. ACCI has come to learn from decades of facilitating life skills courses that teaching doesn’t always lead to learning. We understand that it is validating to the human experience for participants in our self-directed learning programs to be challenged to explore, evaluate and take ownership over their thinking errors and discover their own solutions through ACCI’s proprietary cognitive restructuring curriculum.

Enhance Your Life Skill Development

The National Institute of Corrections published an article entitled “Eight Principles for Implementing Evidence Based Practices in Community Corrections” and in the second principle “Enhance Intrinsic Motivation” says that behavior change is an “in side job”. In other words, so much of our efforts to help people in our society today is conducted from an outside in strategy. Where as, ACCI’s self-directed learning approach says, in effect, that for sustainable long term behavioral change to occur, one must take ownership for their thinking errors and corresponding solutions.

More recently, we have integrated the use a pro-social coach or mentor from within the participant’s immediate circle of influence which has significantly increased the potency, retention and application of the cognitive life skills that all of our courses offer. After careful observation of outcome studies and participant evaluations, we have come to say that learning and changing takes place within the context of positive relationships.