Mesa County District Attorney’s Office – Diversion Program

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The Mesa County District Attorney’s Office is currently using ACCI’s evidence-based cognitive life skills program with some of their cases that qualify for their diversion program. You can read more about their diversion program in the Daily Sentinel’s news paper article:

The District Attorney is on record to say that diversion can be a win – win program for the person who broke the law and for the court system. Diversion is a good way to put in place an intervention and learning opportunity for people who commit crimes as opposed to using punishment and sanctions. ACCI applauds the efforts of The Mesa County DA’s office to make a positive difference in the lives of the citizens who struggle with making poor choices and / or criminal behavior. ACCI believes that we can not out spend today’s offenders by using jail sentences and other forms of punishment for all offenders, rather, we must used evidence-based interventions that are proven to help people overcome their self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.

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