eLearning Lifeskills Courses

ACCI is excited to make its unique cognitive restructuring curriculum available online through a medium referred to as eLearning. Our evidence-based content is now even more interactive and engaging with the additional curriculum design resources that eLearning affords. Our eLearning courses include the following elements:

  • Audio story telling: When ever we are sharing a story in our courses, the participants can both read the story and listen to it at the same time.
  • Audio narration: At critical places in each course, there is a narratives voice that is used.
  • Post unit quiz: The quizzes are essentially an open book quiz and we give participants an unlimited amount of chances to get the correct answer. Our focus is on learning rather than on testing.
  • Custom illustrations: Our illustrators have developed many custom images that help the participant quickly and thoroughly identify with the content.
  • Self Assessments: Several types of assessments and matrix oriented pages allow the participant to associate different characters in our stories and themselves to a variety of statements and scenarios.
  • Drag and Drop: Participants are challenged to associate different statements or items to a category.
  • Advance interactions: We use other types of interactions that engage and challenge the participant
  • Questions: We use the following types of questions:
    • True / False
    • Yes / No
    • Short Answer
    • Essay Answer
    • Multiple Choice
    • Assessment Scales
    • Matrix Associations
  • Lifeskills Link integration: All of the participants interactions and responses are captured and saved to our eLearning Management System. We have developed a custom solution that shares the participants typed in responses and course engagement with the referring professional with all of our courses. This integration allows referring professionals to validate their participant’s effort and serves as a basis for follow up conversations and role playing. This rich feedback is ideal to be utilized in conjunction with Motivational Interviewing.
  • Mobile Friendly eLearning: Participants can choose to take a course on any internet connected device including smart phones and tablets. Depending on the screen size of your device, using a desktop or lap top computer may be preferable.

eLearning Options

We have a solution for you and your clients! Choose from the following list of eLearning options:

  • Take a single course: Refer clients only when you need to.
  • Pre-purchase a block of eLearning courses
  • Customized sub portal: ACCI can give you agency its own customized web site eLearning portal with access to all of our courses. Having your own sub portal also includes having an admin access to the learning management system (LMS), allowing admin users to run reports, view participant responses, manually enroll new participants and run certificates of completion.
  • Android / iPhone apps / Mobile web browser: Our content is mobile responsive. Our eLearning courses can be completed on smart phones and tablets. Our content dynamically modifies itself to each devices screen size.
  • Offline applications: We can make our content available on desktop computers that are not internet connected.
  • Voice verification: We are in the process of integrating a voice verification component option.
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