American Community Corrections Institute (ACCI)

The American Community Corrections Institute (ACCI) has been working with court referred clients since 1975. Since that time, we have developed our life skills curriculum based on the philosophy that our thoughts drive our feelings and emotions, which produce our attitudes and behaviors, that result in the consequences of our lives. Using this model, individuals can change the faulty thinking that enables self-defeating behaviors and improve their life skills. ACCI uses self-directed learning programs because teaching doesn’t always lead to learning. It is validating to the human experience for participants in our self-directed learning programs to be challenged to explore, evaluate and take ownership over their thinking errors and discover their own solutions through ACCI’s proprietary cognitive restructuring curriculum. For more information about our founder, the ACCI model, self-directed learning approach or to catch up on the latest news and events click on the links below.

Meet Our Founder

We currently have 8 eLearning courses. Check back frequently, as we are publishing new courses monthly.

ACCI Model 

We offer 16 Adult Self-Directed courses (5 of which are also translated into Spanish).

Self-Directed Learning 

We offer 7 Self-Directed Juvenile courses (1 of which is also translated into Spanish)

News & Events

All Group Courses have corresponding facilitator guides. Group courses are available by level 1, 2 or 3. Level 1 courses are 6-8 hours long, where as the level 3 can be stretched out to 40-50 hours of instruction.