Self deception is a dysfunction of the mind that allows individuals to continuously act in a negative manner. Without intervention, the cycle of justification and deception gets worse. The result is resistant people stay in denial and blame others for their problems.

ACCI's goal is to help the courts deter crime by providing cognitive restructuring programs that help offenders overcome faulty thinking and self defeating thoughts and behaviors.

  • The acid test for any counseling program is to what extent, if any, it can have an effect on resistant offenders.
  • Resistant people are self deceived; that is, they are in denial, always blaming others when they are the real problem.
  • The problem with self deception is the person doesn't "think" he/she is the problem. They think everyone else must be wrong. They can't see that the biggest problem they have is themselves.
  • People who are self deceived instill in others the very behavior they dislike and then point to that behavior to justify their treatment of that person.
  • Self deceived people are angry, contentious, demeaning, selfish, calculating, and arrogant. They objectify, control, marginalize, and physically and/or emotionally abuse others.
  • Self deception can reach such a level in a person's life that they lose empathy and turn people into objects who can be abused without guilt or mercy. Thus, for example, men can beat their partners or molest children without remorse.
  • The vast majority of criminals appearing before judges are self deceived, but don't know it. This is especially true of drug and alcohol abusers who will say to the judge, "I want to quit," but the truth is they really don't want to quit; they are only lying to themselves and others.
  • Self deception is extremely difficult to overcome without intervention such as cognitive restructuring. Not just any cognitive restructuring will do. It has to go to a level where people are willing to change. ACCI, with 30 years of experience, knows how to do this.
  • Cognitive restructuring is tailor-made to combat self deception. ACCI uses cognition (awareness) to interrupt faulty thinking and help offenders to accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Stepping outside the "box" of self deception empowers offenders to move their lives forward. They are no longer deaf and blind to their condition, but have new cognitive skills that will help them make better decisions.

Any counseling program that isn't effective in helping offenders to get out of their box is a waste of time, money and energy. Why refer your offenders to old, weak, ineffective programs when a state-of-the-art, highly effective program with a proven track record is available?


Youth/Parent Cogntive Lifeskills/Home Study:
Coach, Dad:
"This Lifeskills book should be used even before a child or teenager gets in trouble. it can have a major impact on a family. P. S. DVD Potential. Very well done!!!"

Student, 16, Shopliffitng:
"I think it could help a lot of kids/teens and parents. It made me see certain situations which I probably never will see or experience in my future. I think this should be sent to many different families. Just to get the impact it had made on me. I plan to follow this book. Think about consequences for my actions. Be grateful for what I have and help others know right from wrong."