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LOC/Home Study:
Coach, Daughter: "It's an excellent book. It helps with different areas of life. How to live a happy life and be a giving, loving, caring and trusting person is one great aspect. Maintaining great relationship with our families is another good area. Being a good citizen and obeying the law was also helpful. Unit 4 helped me personally to realize that I don't have to respond to other's anger."

Student, 46, Shoplifting:
"This workbook was an excellent source of information. It helped me gain a new prospective about my life. I learned to build goals and follow them. I have more control over my life and my life has more meaning. Now I have also learned to always obey the law. I will never disobey the law nor commit a crime. My plan is to stick to my values and respect the law and society."

LOC/Home Study:
Coach, Wife:
"This program is one of the best counseling I have read. I am very happy this workbook is given (required) out to all those who need it. Everyone has a chance to change all for the best. My husband and I will take all this information and use it in our daily lives."

Student, 30, Criminal trespassing:
"I really enjoyed this workbook. It really touched on a lot of problems areas in society that made me think that the crime I did could have easily been any of the others, and I could have easily fell victim to my own actions. It really made me think about my family more than ever, and the things I have going good for me now. It made me realize all the consequences of the bad choices in life, and found that it's not for me. I want to survive and move forward."